Preventative Dental Treatment On The Northern Gold Coast

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Preventive dentistry is the modern way of helping you keep your mouth healthy.
When you work together with your dentist towards the common goal of maintaining a healthy mouth, you work towards avoiding a future with the traditional cycle of fillings, broken and/or loosening teeth, followed by extractions. Preventive dentistry can increase your chances of keeping your teeth for life and of needing less dental treatment.
Our Approach
Initially, a course of treatment may be recommended to get your mouth into good condition to establish your healthy mouth baseline. An active maintenance program can then follow, specific to your needs, to support you in keeping your mouth healthy. Educating you about prevention is an essential component of effective preventive care.
Early Diagnosis, Hygiene and Remineralisation
Identifying patients who have a high decay risk is critical to changing the status quo, to prevent ongoing issues. Detecting tooth surface weakness at its earliest point provides an opportunity for further tooth breakdown to be prevented. At Bayview Dental Centre practices, we use the latest diagnostic techniques to identify issues promptly.
Remineralisation therapies and BPA-free sealants can be recommended to prevent early changes in tooth enamel from progressing to tooth decay.