Root Canal Treatment On The Northern Gold Coast

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Root Canal treatments are not what they used to be. Dr Joy Lee and the dental team at Bayview Dental Centre focus on providing the least intrusive and most comfortable experience in our modern dental rooms whilst you have the choice of watching Netflix or listening to your favourite music. Joy and the rest of the Bayview Dental Centre team pride themselves on using the latest dental technologies to ensure you keep smiling for longer.


What is root canal?

Root canal or enodontic treatment involves removing infection from inside a tooth. By removing infected dental pulp that is contained in the fine channel inside the tooth, otherwise known as the root canal, there is a good chance we can save your tooth before it dies and needs to be extracted. Additionally once the infected pulp is removed we disinfect the space and reshape the canal. The canals are sterilised again and a final filling seals the tooth.

Why have root canal?

We use root canal therapy or endodontic treatment to save teeth that have been badly damaged in an accident or due to disease and decay. Dentists can save teeth  from extraction by providing root canal treatment. It is much better to have your own teeth because they are stronger and are much better at eating and biting.

Do I need root canal?

If you have any of the following symptoms, root canal treatment may be one of the options that you need to consider to protect your oral health.

  • Darkening of a tooth

  • Swelling in your face, jaw or gums near sore teeth

  • Tooth pain bought on by hot or cold food, that lingers after the food has been finished

  • Severe pain in a tooth or teeth when you eat or put pressure on your teeth

  • Small bumps on the gum near your sore tooth

For more information about Root Canal and preventative dentistry practises please Get In Touch with us so we can inform you about the right solutions for your oral health.